For regular folks:

For getting help or just hanging out with us join our Discord.

Rules are:
1. Stick to the topic of the channel! (There are multiple channels, so find the right one!)
2. Child friendly content only! (No sexuality and/or gender related discussions at all! Also no nude images, videos and/or links to such sites!)
3. No politics! (This is a technical server politics only causes division which I want to avoid!)
4. This is an English only server!(Before you protest... It's not my native language either! I'm Hungarian... You can talk to people in private on other languages if they allow, but not in public!)
5. Discord's rules also apply!

Since this is a public server I really don't want trolls screwing with it, so you will have to wait for 10 minutes before you can say anything. I suggest you use that 10 minutes to look around, figure out how discord works and the right place for whatever you wanna say/ask.

Let's just make some things clear right from the beginning!
-> If you've got an idea(of any kind), you do your research, and come up with your way to do it, and then you ask for opinion/advice, cause no one in the community has the time, nor the will to make your idea a reality for you with minimal effort on your part! I or any other member of the OSRC community can give you some guidance, and I'm happy to help if I can but if you're looking for free labor this is the wrong place!
-> No one is obliged to answer your question! If I don't have the solution, or don't even see the question, or someone already gave a good answer, I'll just skip to the next. Further more, I may be online but working on something, in which case I may deal with questions later! You can not demand immediate answer! Be patient...
-> Although this supposed to be entirely child friendly community, since this is a free and public server I simply can not guarantee that everone will abide by those rules 100% of the time! I'll do my best, so does the moderator bot, but I do not claim by any means that your child will be absolutely safe here! I can only hope...

For sponsors, co-developers, and everyone with offers

You can contact me on our Discord privately(on discord I'm RPBCACUEAIIBH), or by e-mail on this address:

- Make it short!
- Use English, Hungarian or Romanian languages only!
- Be patient! I may or may not check my inbox daily...

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