Project: Arduino Data Link

Author: Tibor Áser Veres
Licnese: BSD 3-Clause "New" or "Revised" License
Category: Software
Status: Under development
Latest version: 1.0


A set of shell scripts designed to use built in linux features in order to communicate with an arduino via the UART interface(without the arduino IDE)... It can transmit, and receive data packets, or stream. It can be used as a stand alone data gathering tool operated from command line, or as a daemon for another program running as a separate process. Once it's initialized, interfacing is done by writing and reading files. An example sketch (.ino file) and documentation is also provided.

This seems to also be useful for receiving continuous stream of data at 115200 baud rate from an arduino to a raspberry pi which would not work well* with the arduino IDE's serial monitor. ...although it uses ~60% of an overclocked the pi's processing power, and I've mounted RAM the work directory to improve I/O performance...
Caution! You absolutely need the current latest raspbian(released at: April 2019) on the pi, since earlier versions contain an outdated stty which does not have an option vital for this project.
*"not work well" - bit of an understatement. It freezes the pi...


- Linux(debian based)
- Super user access for installing it.
- Arduino pre-loaded with the example sketch connected via UART.

Download link:

Github repository

Cloning: git clone

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