Project: HexaEngine

Author: Tibor Áser Veres
Licnese: BSD 3-Clause "New" or "Revised" License
Category: Software
Status: Under development
Latest version: 0.1

What is it?

Clustered MMO Game Engine designed to be started on a week to mid range virtual linux server, which comes with low cost, fast setup time, and minimal minimum lease period and as the game requires more computing power, additional server(s) can be assigned to help process the data. Only planned to make a Web UI though, as I only wanna make a browser game, however I will implement an API thet allows the use of another game engine to handle client side graphics, while the number crunching is done ont he server side for evey player. This allows you to develop better graphics for mobile devices, as the server will take over the background stuff.
Will have both strategy, and role playing elements developped, as I intend to make a game, that is more of a work of art, and less of a product.


Github repository

Cloning: git clone

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This is a hobby for me, I'm not in a hurry, thus no deadline set, but donations help. ;) Issues can be reported on github, and you can track development on it's github project!

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