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Author: Tibor Áser Veres
Licnese: BSD 3-Clause "New" or "Revised" License
Category: Software
Status: Under development
Latest version: 1.0

What to expect?

This is my attempt of making an easy to maintain webpage... Not saying it's the best, I may do a second version once I know more... Lots of things to improve, but it works...
I designed one page with the general layout to look as I wanted, and I've chopped it into pieces, and I wrote bash scripts for editing/generating pages so that I only have to write content. I'm still in the process of learning PHP, until then this will do... The new version may be something entirely different...


- Linux(Debian based!) I'm using Ubuntu 18.04 currently, but it should work on any debian based machine.
- Gedit(or you can change the editor to your preference in the script.)
- Some understanding of bash, HTML, and CSS and lots of patience...


I know the code is a mess, I made it primarily for myself, while learning HTML and CSS on the fly and wanted to get it working... I don't claim that this is THE way to do stuff, It's rather MY way of doing it... It functions as I intended, and I've learnt a lot doing it, that's what matters to me, I've made it available anyway... :)

Download link:

Github repository

Cloning: git clone

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