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Should you consider donating and how much?!

I may loose donations by setting this standard, but I want you to think! So here's how I consider donating:
- Do you have any loans? If so then important things first... Get rid of those ASAP!
- Can you afford to give? If you make barely enough then don't! There's no shame in that.
- Can you donate without regret and/or expectations?! If you can't you shouldn't donate to anyone...
- Do you find anything useful at OSRC?!
    - Do you find the discord community useful?
    - Do you use anything I provided?
    - Do you enjoy or did you learn someting of my videos/articles???
    If so then push the donate button and keep it alive and free for everyone!
- Do you want to support OSRC?! Donation is NOT payment that I demand, it's something you should give voluntarily!
- How much should you donate? The more the better but no more then you can or would regret giving away! ;)


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