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Should you consider donating and how much?!

I may loose donations by setting this standard, but I want you to think! So here's how I consider donating:
- Do you have any loans? If so then important things first... Get rid of those ASAP!
- Can you afford to give? If you make barely enough then don't! There's no shame in that.
- Can you donate without regret and/or expectations?! If you can't you shouldn't donate to anyone...
- Do you find anything useful at OSRC?!
    - Do you find the discord community useful?
    - Do you use anything I provided?
    - Do you enjoy or did you learn someting of my videos/articles???
    If so then push the donate button and keep it alive and free for everyone!
- Do you want to support OSRC?! Donation is NOT payment that I demand, it's something you should give voluntarily!
- How much should you donate? The more the better but no more then you can or would regret giving away! ;)

Donate money:

You can support me monthly on:
Patreon or SubscribeStar

You can also do one off donation on:

Donate computing power:

You can download the Sheepit client and use the following username and password to connect your machine to my account when you're not using it and generate points for me.
(This should work on Windows, Mac and Linux as well, and you don't even need an account to help.)
Username: rpbcacueaiibh
Password: d5y7FgPYCQjrg9JP0iqqjt5AlCYXkGmiKcgCF0O8
(This is a public key, for client access only...)
You can use this guide on how to set up the client most efficiently.

Warning! The client will max out your computer's processor, video card, or both, resulting in elevated power consumption and high heat output, as long as you allow it to work! Don't risk potentially damaging your computer if you're not sure that it has proper cooling for long operation at maximum load and/or has not been cleaned for a while! Heat and dust may kill computers!

-> Please keep in mind that donating computing power may help me render thigs but it won't keep OSRC alive... I need money to pay for the website, I need money for materials, equipment, bills and it's no secret that I'm doing this hoping to make a living of it sooner then later.
-> Don't plan on "donating" with ridiculously old and/or week machines... I will stop any machine I find performing so poorly that it's only good for annoying people!

I use Blender a free and open source 3D modeling software for making illustrations, 3D models, animations, video effects, etc.
Quality work especially animations take a lot of computing power to render in reasonable time. Thankfully Sheepit is available to help with that, in exchange for rendering other people's projects whenever I'm not using all of my machines computing power.
I can use the points you generate to render on hundreds of machines yours and other people's machines at once, and get my projects done way faster then on my own machine, regardless of how powerful it is.(There's just no competeting against hundrids of machines some of which are pretty powerful...) Those points accumulate whether or not you render my projects directly, and you're also contributing computing power to sheepit, keeping the render farm alive and helping blender artists render their projects all over the world. That's a triple contribution of otherwise unused resources! :)

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